Part 1, Step 1: Look at an Overview of Part 1

Download this file to see an overview of the Workflow for this Part

What is Part 1?
Part 1 is a Listening Passage with 8 multiple choice questions. 

What are the directions Part 1?
[You will listen to a passage and answer some multiple-choice questions. You will hear the passage twice. 
I will read the passage aloud to you once. Listen carefully. You may take notes on page 3 of your examination booklet. 
Then I will tell you to open your examination booklet to page 4. You will be given a chance to read the questions before the second reading. 
Then I will read the passage a second time. You may also take notes during the second reading or answer the questions.] 

What kind of Passages are in Part 1?
The text is nonfiction with a lot of information for you to absorb, and usually the author something they're trying to convince you of.  

What is the best strategy for Part 1?
  1. Listen carefully the first time through and take notes on the main idea and big pieces of information.
  2. In between listens read the MC questions and underline key words.  Answer what you can.
  3. During the 2nd listen answer MC questions. 
  4. Use your notes and LISTEN FOR THE WORDS YOU UNDERLINED IN THE QUESTIONS to help you answer mc questions. (Remember, the questions are always chronological)