Part 3, Step 4: Grading Your Own Paragraphs

The Paragraphs are the most important part of getting a good grade on the Regents.  They are scored out of 2.  It is hard to get a 2, and hard to get a 0, but easy to get a 1.  YOU DO NOT WANT TO GET A 1.  If you get 1s (not 0s, but 1s) instead of 2s on both paragraphs, that's 12 points off your Regents.  That's the difference between failing and a 75.  

1. Go back to your Answer sheet from Part 3, Step 2 where you wrote the paragraphs.  Now Grade them according to the Checklist on the bottom of each paragraph.  
2. If you scored a 2, click the link below that says "If Mastery."  If you scored a 1 or 0, click the link below that says "If Not Mastery."